Tech Post: PBIS Behavior Management, Data, and Student Profiles FREE

Tech Post: PBIS Behavior Management, Data, and Student Profiles FREE

Throughout the past school year (2015-2016) I discovered and used a FREE application for classroom management, data collection, and collection of student profiles (and for showcasing their work). THIS APP IS AMAZING! There are so many phenomenal features and throughout this summer, even more features have been added.

Lets get to it!

Need Permission Forms? Checkout the downloads at the end of this post.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an application that can be used on a computer, tablet, and/or phone. Students are automatically assigned an avatar ("Monster") and compete (or strive) to earn points. Students can customize their avatar too!

In my classroom, I tied Class Dojo points with prizes/reinforcers for good behavior. Class Dojo allows you to control the amount of points given or taken for various behaviors. You can customize the positive behaviors and negative behaviors within the application. 

Checkout screenshots from my iPhone:



Parents AND Students can be given access codes generated by Class Dojo that allow them to download the application on their mobile device (or access the website on a computer)! It opens the door for greater communication with families. Parents get to see their child's point acquisition or behavior modifications in real time. THIS IS HUGE. For many of our students, carry-over is something we often see as a barrier to using skills we teach. 

If a student does well at school, his parents are likely to reward him/her when they get home (REINFORCEMENT). If the student doesn't do well, s/he might also lose privileges at home (CONSEQUENCE). When used responsibly, our students learn that their behaviors have lasting impact. Parents are grateful too. They want their students to succeed and to be well behaved.

Data Use

The data that Class Dojo provides is extremely useful for us as SLPs. We can spot trends in behavior, analyze attendance, and look at classroom data to spot problems with our own methods of classroom management.

Behavior Changes

Why has our student's behavior plummeted? Is s/he having a bad day, or is it something more serious? 

Class Dojo keeps all data/points accrued for each student. We can investigate potential socio-emotional or environmental occurrences through this historical data.

Is our student's parents going through a divorce? Did their pet die? Are they being bullied?

These events, while unfortunate, may not always be talked about by students with language disorders. They may not have the skills necessary to convey or talk about their feelings! Class Dojo can help us cue them to discuss their feelings - simply by asking "What's going on?"


Upcoming IEP meetings for various students sometimes present a challenge. On occasion, I cannot find the root cause of subpar performance/improvement towards the previous year's IEP goals. Could it be due to attendance? Am I ineffective? I often have data demonstrating minutes served to various students, but I simply don't have much time available to thoroughly review attendance dates within my treatment log. Class Dojo solves this problem! A few simple clicks and I can access students' attendance data all in one place! It can also be printed and placed in a student's treatment file.


The class behavior pie chart helps me spot various problems within my teaching style (classroom management). When I first started using Class Dojo, so many of my students lost points for talking out of turn or disrespect. I thought it was due to the learning curve of implementing this system within the year rather than at the start of the year (the expectations had shifted). However, when the same behaviors continued a month later, I had a realization. It wasn't my students; it was me! I had not clearly outlined this expectation. 

Student Profiles - It's Like a Newsfeed

Do you ever see your student do something really amazing and their's no one around to see it? Have you ever talked about a student's achievements to teachers or parents and notice skepticism on their face?

Unfortunately, I have. 

Class Dojo is soon allowing student profiles! Now you have "proof" of your students' achievements!

This is a feature that's scheduled to be released late July (2016), so I haven't had an opportunity to use it but I'm very excited to get started. Last year, when a student did some really amazing work or a really nice project, I'd snap a photo and message it to the student's parents (through the Class Dojo app). Parents really enjoyed this connectivity and liked having an "eye" on what happens during speech/language treatment. 

Soon students will be able to showcase their own work! This is great news. Students are learning how to use technology, they're seeing the impact of their work and their use of technology, and their profile is a record of their performance throughout the year!

Growth Mindset and Mindfulness Tools

Class Dojo has even MORE features.

Class Dojo has growth mindset and mindfulness lessons within their website! These lessons are presented in engaging videos and spark classroom discussion about self-awareness and feelings. The videos even come with handouts! Students often begin to grasp an awareness of the impact their behaviors have on others.

Permission Forms

I think it's always a safe idea to obtain parent permission before submitting information about their child to a 3rd party (Class Dojo).

See links on FERPA/PII below:

I wanted as many students/parents to join as possible, so I offered several different levels of privacy. 

I edited my documents from Alexis Sanchez at Head over to her blog for more information, or her TpT store for the original files!

If you don't need both languages, when sending the document to the printer only select the page numbers of the document you wish to print.

The PDF is ordered English Page 1, Spanish Page 1, English Page 2, Spanish Page 2 for easy double-sided printing. 

The files I have are available in PDF format only. You can edit them if you have Adobe Pro (paid product).

I tried converting them to MS Word, but the format gets messed up.

SLP Goal Series - September 2016

SLP Goal Series - September 2016