About Me

Hello! My name is Adam, and I am the creator of 5 Minute Speech Therapy.

Welcome to 5minutespeechtherapy.com! 

I am an ASHA certified speech language pathologist (SLP) currently working in a K-5 school in Denver, Colorado. I attended undergraduate and graduate schools in Ohio (UC and UT) - despite my wearing the CU hat in the pictures (I just like that hat). 

I create low-cost speech and language based resources on Teacher's Pay Teachers. I create resources because I want to share with and contribute to the community of hard-working SLPs. I really enjoy the community our profession has cultivated and want to support others within it. 

When creating resources, frequently I am learning in the process. I love to learn! I like to find new and innovative ways to teach speech and language concepts through evidence based methodologies. I am also REALLY fascinated that SLPs use resources I created with their students! It's a phenomenal feeling!

When I'm not with students or making resources, I like to be outdoors. Colorado is a beautiful state worth exploring! I'd like to climb all the 14ers (Mountains that are 14,000ft. or more above sea level), and do as many hikes as I can - a hefty aspiration. 

I also spend a lot of time training and playing with my dog, Zoe. She's a toy poodle with an endless supply of energy - not kidding, she climbs mountains too. She's very intelligent and she loves our frequent trips to the dog park. The other dog shown in the picture is Libby. She's my parents' Havanese, and is in Ohio. 

Thank you for visiting 5minutespeechtherapy.com. I hope you find many interesting posts and ideas that inspire you. Ultimately, I hope you find new ideas and ways to work with your students. I know how attached we all are to our students, and I want the best for all of them!